Studio sessions will begin at the requested time of booking, if tardiness occurs, the client will be held liable for the time scheduled. Set-up time will be included at regular studio rates. Set-up time includes media transfer, microphone placement, instrument set-up, instrumental downloads, recording levels, etc. The session duration will end 15-30 minutes before the designated time to allow for premixing and media transfer to the client.

Note to Client: To ensure time-efficiency of your session, please come well prepared and rehearsed.

Guest Capacity

We're a private studio with limited space. We understand the vibe is important, but to ensure a professional environment we ask that clients limit the amount of guests to four (4) max – five (5) total including the artist. For listening parties or reasonable exceptions, please contact us.

Food and Drinks

No eating or drinking inside studio control room. The investment in our equipment is important to us to ensure the quality in your projects, thank you for your respect!


Smoking is temporarily not permitted, but you're welcome to step outside whenever you need to. Thank you.


In the case of a cancellation, you must notify us at least 2 hours in advance. This protects our business and prevents loss of revenue from potential clients who requested studio time. Failure of notification (last minute or no-show) after two appointments will result in requiring full price downpayment to be paid by the client before booking another appointment.


Payment in full is required after your session before files are sent – upfront deposits before your appointment will guarantee your booking as protection from other client requests. Payments are accepted via our website, Cashapp, PayPal, or cash in-person. If tardiness occurs, the client will be held responsible for full payment amount of time booked.


In the event of loss or damage to any property of Quality Music Group LLC and/or Mazadi Vision, due to negligence, misuse, or carelessness, the client will be held fully responsible. This does not fall short to any guests of the client, including client’s employees, agents, or managers.

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